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Week of September 14

A glorious week for being outdoors! Monday’s art was watercolors in the garden, with our new, grown-up brushes and Stockmar paints. They also had some sort of game in which Glory was a sea diver.

DSC_0267 DSC_0268


History was the Old Kingdom of Egypt, and the completion of papyrus making. Unfortunately the strips did not stick together. We will soak and roll them again. The history text for Emmett’s class is rather disappointing, so we’re focusing more on books we find and projects. Piano is going really well, despite the book progressing rather quickly. Glory played with a classmate this week for the first time.


Our house is painted, and we are taking apart the old front screen door to make a new back door, since it was so nicely constructed.

Wednesday was windy (which made for fun data for Emmett’s wind observations for science) so we flew kites. Wednesday Craft Day was making fall-inspired tutus for Horsie and Lavender Basil.

DSC_0355 DSC_0363 DSC_0367

Nature Friday took place at the Sourdough Trail, where we were four weeks ago. It was neat to see the same trees in a suddenly different season. Sulien wanted to walk most of the way, which was a bit much for tiny legs. Horse riding was fun; Emmett and Glory traded horses this week.


DSC_0244 DSC_0291


Here we go!

Our homeschooling journey is here, as we begin our first week. There will be more later about our books and supplies used, philosophies, hopes, and other information in the near future. But first, some pictures!

Our sweet little room, and making the daily schedule board.

Sulien putting final touches on the daily schedule board.

Sulien putting final touches on the daily schedule board.

Monday is Art Day. We did papier-mache, and Sulien busied himself in the yard.

Glory and lots of paint.

Glory and lots of paint.

Sulien picked some garlic.

Sulien picked some garlic.

Sulien had his first encounter with crayons.

Sulien having fun coloring.

Sulien having fun coloring.

Emmett spent quiet time reading outside.

Emmett reading in the cool backyard shade.

Emmett reading in the cool backyard shade.

And, the magic of the blog:

Emmett nicely doing his work--a rarety this week.

Emmett nicely doing his work–a rarity this week.

I’d like to say that workbook time always looks this peaceful. ┬áThe “academic” part of our day is 2 or 3 hours (not including whining time); the workbook part (grammar, spelling, and math) takes perhaps an hour of that, and the other part is me reading history to them and that sort of thing. The vast majority of our day is art, hiking, exploring, reading, and creating. (And did I mention riding horses?) This is certainly a better deal than the 32.5 hours per week of conventional school, plus homework, right? After the…intense complaining…he finally accepts that we are going to actually write things down (groan! ugh! injustice!) he’s just fine and flies through his work. Let’s hope for a week soon where we don’t encounter this.