Reflections on the last two weeks

School stuff: the workbooks are a good level for both of them. Since we only do them four days a week, but they are designed for five days, we skip parts of some lessons, or an entire lesson. Emmett would rather not write out any sentences in his grammar lessons, but it is good handwriting practice, so we still do it. The first grammar test is next week! Spelling is not too challenging, but is another chance to practice writing, and gives them a weekly quiz with which they can feel successful.

Things to improve: I love mentoring them with art, but it is so difficult with a baby trying to grab things (like jars of watercolor, yikes). Lots of sewing projects, which will have to get done in bits here and there in the evenings (as if Sulien goes to sleep before us). Finding time for exercise (note: bringing Emmett on his bike is fun, and gets him some exercise). Getting a plan (menu, things in the freezer) for lunches, especially on Thursdays.

Kitchen efficiency: Successful meals included baked beans, having a daily breakfast plan (we soak the grains the night before): Monday (hot cereal with compote), Tuesday (fruit and yogurt and nuts/seeds), Wednesday (chia pudding, or other raw pudding), Thursday (hot cereal with fruit), Friday (see Tuesday), Saturday (baked oatmeal), Sunday (eggs and toast). Making dinner right after lunch, to cut down on cleaning up time. Making yogurt right after picking up the milk on Fridays, and separating cream out then too.

Repurposing/thrifting: redoing our sturdy screen door for another door (McGuckins has galvanized screen!), looking for thrifted winter boots and snow pants BEFORE winter, finding a wool sweater to turn in to pants for Sulien (except Matt snatched it up for himself, so doing this will have to wait), finding a backpack to keep stocked with hats, diapers, etc for trips to town, hiking, etc.


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