August 23 reflections

Flowers on Gold Hill's Main Street seen on Nature Friday.

Flowers on Gold Hill’s Main Street seen on Nature Friday.

Successes this week include: Glory delving in to her academics and loving it, juggling teaching kids with a busy baby-toddler, getting out there for Nature Fridays, and sitting down with a latte to plan the next week and reflect upon this one (thank you sweet!)

Struggles: getting Emmett to do his work, which is not too long, boring, or too difficult. Everything gets easier with practice, as Glory has already seen, so we will forge onward and hope he will realize this soon!

Awesome things: Sparkle Stories (you can subscribe, plus listen to lots of free stories!) my planner (Mead weekly/monthly planner)

Projects/places: papier-mache, library, horse riding, mountains, Dougherty Museum, Sunset pool.


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